Team Selection and Preview for Gameweek 34

Gameweek before the big double gameweek is always special and this year it’s before us now. So let’s see the team selection for the upcoming gameweek and the preview for the gameweek.

As discussed in the previous article “Tips and Tricks to use chips” (If you missed it please check the link) there are two possible routes to use the chips and in both the strategy Gameweek 34 falls in the Wildcard strategy. It’s always wise to use the wildcard before the big double gameweek so that we can ramp up our team according to the DoubleGameweek. So I’ll be discussing the main team and players to be considered before making wildcard teams.

Brighton Hove-Albion and Cardiff

Also not to miss that this Gameweek 34 will have a two-team double Gameweek. With Brighton Hove-Albion and Cardiff, they play each other and also against other teams in this Gameweek  34. So doubling up those players could be a way to go. With Brighton Hove Albion having back to back Double Gameweeks their players needs to be double up or even triple up in most of the team.  So my way to go picks from Brighton would be 
GK: Matt Ryan, Def: Duffy, Dunk Fwd: Murray
In the case of Cardiff, the Goal Keeper Etheridge and the mid-fielder Camarasa are the nailed on option from that team and can be used for the double gameweek 34. 


With Arsenal having a double gameweek in hand GW35 we can consider some value for players from the team. With Watford Crystal Palace and Wolves on the line and also the Europa League Pressing them it’ll be a mixed fixture for Gunners as things stand only a differential can be picked from Arsenal. 
Players to Watch: Leno, Auba, Laca  

 Manchester City 

The title race is still running between Manchester City and Liverpool. With City having a double Gameweek 35 we can expect a huge rotation risk in these fixtures but still, players will rake up huge potential points from these teams. 
Players to Watch: Ederson, Laporte, Kun Aguero, Bernardo Silva  
So these are the few teams with promising Double gameweek fixtures and there are few more teams with good fixtures and form will be discussing it in my next article, follow the blog to read more. Cheers  

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