Gameweek 32 – Double Gameweek – Tips and tricks to use Chips

When and What Chip in Gameweek 32?

The final stage is here, successfully reached the end of the season but still, the race is on.  Fantasy premier league 2019 has been a year of so many ups and down. So with the end of the season on the horizon, anyone can shift gears to reach a decent high position in their league or mini-league or overall rank. So the key decision here will be selecting the right chip at the right gameweek. So in here, I’ve shared my tips regarding usage of chips during this end of season game weeks. 
Chip Strategy:

There are 3 chips as well as one wildcard (wc) probably available for most of the managers. In that case, this strategy would be useful for you. 
Free Hit – DGW 32
Normal Team  – BGW 33
Wild Card Team – GW 34
Bench Boost chip – DGW 35
Triple Captain – GW 36 or 37 or 38
So in the above strategy, the manager should have a strong team to place in the Blank Gameweek 33 (BGW). An advantage of using this strategy will be you can field two strongest teams in double gameweeks (DGW) 32 and 35. Also, you can have Triple captain chip free to use depending on your own team and the league push.
Another chip strategy we can use is starting the chip from Gameweek 32
Triple Captain – DGW 32
Free Hit – BGW 33
Wild Card Team – GW 34
Bench Boost chip – DGW 35
So in consecutive Gameweeks, we’ll be using the Chips one by one. This is a pretty interesting strategy to deploy. With the Tile race for Premier league still on Manchester City and Liverpool is about to chip many goals and we can make use of that opportunity. Also seems like the relegation battle will also start so keep an eye on that part of the side. Small teams would rack up a lot of points at this stage of the season. Will give some more information about coming Gameweeks in my next blog. 

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