Fantasy Premier League 2018/19 – Final Points review

Final Gameweek Review – Fantasy Premier League

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Premier League 2018/19 successfully came to an end with an exciting title race till last game, Congratulations to Manchester City to secure the title again. Poor Liverpool despite spending a lot fell short of a point in the race( Now can complain about snow, Wind, Water lol). As like premier league, our Fantasy premier league also come to an end so many ups and downs in this year and finally reached a good spot.

Final Gameweek Points – Overall Points and Overall Rank 

We started with a decent team and reached a decent overall rank and this will be improving in the coming season. Since there has been some poor game weeks at the end of the season OR has dropped to 45k or else we would have reached 20K mark.    

Final Gameweek Squad Value and Squad Transfers

The cup match has been the worst every year, this year I finished at GW19 Round. One good thing about is I got a good squad value when compared to last seasons I ever played. Its 104.5 at the end of the season, guess its pretty good value for a team. Since the squad value is very important in Fantasy Premier League we got an eye on price rise and price drop throughout the season. So here we are with a strong finish above 50K.    

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